We serve premium coffee, tea, and specialty drinks along with delicious soups, salads, sandwiches & breakfast items.

Our food is freshly made, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.  Our breakfast, lunch, and light dinner menu includes a variety of healthy options and some indulgences.

About our coffee.

We are proud of our relationship with Stauf's Coffee Roasters in Columbus. Using their small batch hand roasting guarantees that we have the freshest coffee for you.

Fresh from the roasteR

We also offer Stauf’s Coffee by the pound and half-pound. Fresh from the roster to your home and custom ground to your request.

TREEHIVE's Comfort Blend

These Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia and Brazil provide a light mellow taste for you. This is the only coffee that we offer bottomless and brewed by drip. Roasted by Stauf’s just for TREEHIVE café + play.

Stauf’s Baba Budan

Is named for the legendary Indian Monk said to have first smuggled Arabica beans out of Ethiopia. Three diverse coffees and two different roasts create a full-bodied, sharp cup with spicy undertones and smoky, dark-roasted complexity. A cult favorite among Stauf's longtime customers. This is used for our cold brew coffee and is also enjoyed as a pour over to keep your day going.

Stauf’s Cerrado Espresso Blend  

A combination of beans blended to produce an espresso that is rich and full-bodied, with moderate-to-low acidity. This blend produces sweet, nutty espresso with thick, heavy crema. A perfect addition to every Latte and Mocha we make.

Stauf’s Americano Espresso SWP DECAF

For our caregivers that prefer a calming flavor. We selected a combination of three beans blended to produce an espresso that is both lighter in body and smoother than our Original Espresso Blend.  It has moderate acidity, is bittersweet and tangy with sharp, nutty undertone. The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is 100% chemical-free to ensure a healthier decaffeination.

TREEHIVE Comfort Roast SWP Decaf

A three-bean blend suitable for any enjoyable moment, Medium-full bodied, and has moderate acidity and complex, fragrant, nutty undertones. The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is 100% chemical-free to ensure a healthier decaffeination.

REserve Collection

We find different coffees to enjoy based on the current climate from regions around the globe at optimum times to serve you with these special rotating Monthly Reserve Collection beans.  Our current Reserve Collection beans are:

Stauf’s Sumatra Mandheling

A favorite among coffee lovers from Indonesia. This Sumatra's syrupy body is complemented with low acidity and full body.

Stop in to try a cup or pick up a pound to go.  Once it's gone, we will move on to our next coffee selection journey.