Unlimited PLAY PASS - Family


Time in the HIVE is available on a first come first serve basis.

During peak times HIVE space may be limited and access to the HIVE may be based on the use of a wait list.

TREEHIVE reserves the right to refuse access to the HIVE to children that become inconsolable or are exhibiting signs of illness.

Parents or guardians are welcome to join their children in the HIVE at any time. Parents in the HIVE may not direct the play of other children. Any concerns regarding HIVE activity should be brought to the attention of the HIVE coach, then the Manager on Duty. 

The HIVE is for children up to age seven, provided the child can crawl and climb on their own, without the assistance of an adult.

Children are expected to have visited the restroom and washed their hands and face before entering the HIVE.

Shoes and food are not allowed in the HIVE.

Socks are required in the HIVE. Clean courtesy socks are available.