Who we are

Our focus is on the well-being of caregivers and children. Mom, dad, grandparent or guardian responsible for infants through the single-digit years. Caregivers deserve an oasis where children and adults can play, relax, indulge, connect and grow.

It is our mission to create moments of guilt-free indulgence that create space and time for parents, guardians, and their friends to relax and grow.

Multi-purpose space

TREEHIVE has been established to act as multi-purpose space A coffee shop for social gatherings, accomplishment of creative or focused work, and moments of personal indulgence. The playroom is separate from the café, which allows children to play independently.  We offer complimentary WiFi, and other amenities designed with the needs of the caregivers in mind, such as changing tables and free diapers.

Supporting the community

We support specific local charities and foundations. At times local support groups will use our space. Volunteer and civic groups are also invited to use the facility. We shop locally and support the local economy, therefore our strategic partnerships are with local business and professionals that have similar missions to ours. You can be assured that activity at TREEHIVE is not simply an act of commerce, but is instead a coordinated effort to make the lives of caregivers and their friends better.

Safety and security 

TREEHIVE café + play is a nonjudgemental space intentionally designed for parents, guardians, and their friends to rest, connect, grow, or play. Every effort has been made to ensure the safety and security of every member of our community. We ask for your awareness and participation in the following areas:

  • Video Surveillance: Be advised that every part of the cafe is subject to video surveillance 24/7/365. There is a camera specifically dedicated to each door, the register, the cafe areas, and the play areas. The cameras are motion activated. TREEHIVE cafe + play reserves the right to retain video footage in order to ensure the safety of all members of our community.
  • Photography: Use of photographic equipment is prohibited without the express written consent of the individual being photographed.
  • Firearms and weapons: Concealed, open carry, or any other kind of weapon is prohibited in or around TREEHIVE cafe + play.
  • Health and Wellness: TREEHIVE cafe + play welcomes parents, guardians, their friends, and their associated children. We make every effort to maintain a clean and healthy environment. We ask that children that are ill (as in clearly sick or contagious) and their associated parent or guardian, remain home until they are healthy enough to safely play with other children.
  • Outside food: TREEHIVE cafe + play follows careful procedures to minimize contamination to the cafe and playroom from nuts or other allergens. We ask that guests refrain from bringing outside food into the cafe unless it is medically necessary or is an item for the nutrition of an infant that is not offered by the cafe.
  • Breastfeeding is welcome anywhere in and around the cafe (not just because it is an Ohio statute, but because we believe it's one of the best things ever for moms and kids).
  • TREEHIVE cafe + play is a safe place. If you are uncomfortable for ANY REASON or you feel that any ANY TIME you need help, please contact any of the TREEHIVE cafe + play family members or send an email to info@treehivecafe.com. 

Opportunities to work at TREEHIVE

TREEHIVE café + play is always looking for warm and friendly, proactive, high-energy team members.   Click here for openings and to submit an application.

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(614) 681-1456


337 W Olentangy Street
Powell, OH 43065

Across from Murphy Park
On the corner of Powell Road & Murphy Parkway


Mon thru Fri 9AM to 6PM
Sat 9AM to 1PM